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Do I need to create a customer account to order from you?

No, At Noosc we want to make every visit you have easy and comfortable so you are able to purchase items from us without have to create an account.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, we believe that everyone should have access to these fantastic children’s products but please bear in mind that international delivery can take longer and cost more in transport.

What fragrances are available?

Sea Breeze, Strawberry, Green Apple & Vanilla Cream.

Are there any ingredients that can harm my child in the deodorant?

Absolutely not, at Noosc we see our children as our future and only want to give them the best products available for them and what better than Natural deodorants containing no nasty ingredients.

What’s the shelf life of the Just4Kids Deodorant?

The shelf life of our deodorants is three years from date of manufacture, once opened for freshness and effectiveness it is advised you use within six months (store in a cool dry place).

How do I prevent my child’s body odour?

The best way to prevent this is with good hygiene which includes regular bathes/showers, washing with soap and using Just4Kids® deodorants which can become part of your child’s routine to help with the odour.

When should my child start using deodorant?

Determining when to start using the deodorant is a personal decision for the parent and child to make, if you are unsure of when to use a deodorant for your child then speak to your doctor or school nurse for advice. We normally recommend for a child to start using our deodorants at around age 8 but because we only use Natural goodness ingredients children can start using at an earlier age if required.

Why do our children sweat?

Don’t worry all children sweat at different ages in life; sweat is actually a good thing for your child’s body to produce. This is the body’s natural way of cooling itself down and that is why our children sweat more during physical activity.

How long will a single application of Just4Kids® deodorant last?

Each and every child is different so that is why we recommend using the product as and when required.

My child isn’t seeing any difference when using this product?

Each and every child is different and many factors can affect body odour such as diet and lifestyle, so we would recommend a child to keep using the product for several days for the body to adjust to the deodorant.

Are any products tested on Animals?

Absolutely not, at Noosc we don’t believe in testing on Animals and as a part of our company pledge we will never test any of our products on Animals.